You have found the home of theSEXTONES a guitar band which flourished in London UK from 2002-2004.  Like all things which initially burn very brightly, it was for a short time. But to be there, was not to be forgotten. Their brand of pop/rock music was different in a time when the sequencer and cover versions filled the pub music scene in the U.K.

AIt's about 15 years since theSEXTONES played their version of pop/rock and more or less ran out of time and agreement. The Sexton brothers, Richard and Andy, had been playing music in front of audiences for many years so they didn't run out of enthusiasm. However, the Ackroyd brothers, Steve and Rob Ackroyd, had different feelingsRob Ackroyd was deep into his university course in South Wales and Steve Ackroyd was training to become a video editor and had less and less free time.  They had met at Hitchin Boys’ School and it became known that Richard and Andy Sexton played “indie”, in their own style. Richard is a songwriter who has written many songs over  many years. Seeing Richard and Andy perform in front of an audience was the first time Rob wanted to be involved in the music business. At first he said he would get them bookings but he was untried and eventually ended up playing with them. So Richard would play guitar and sing, Andy would play the drums and sing and Rob would play lead guitar and not sing. This lasted for a couple of gigs until they persuaded Steve to play bass guitar. This was a momentous achievement by all as Steve had no bass and no bass amp. In fact he played guitar not bass but jumped straight into learning and finding out.